Rhonda Morton makes ideas manifest. She’s created businesses, engineered solutions to societal problems, directed improvisational performance ensembles, published three books, and raised two children into adulthood. She understands how to get things done and knows what gets in the way: ingrained patterns, an inability to see a new path, and lack of systems and structures to support transformation.

Through Savannah Consulting, Rhonda weaves together her entrepreneurial experience, insider view of business operations, and expertise in the neurobiology of change to open up a 360-degree horizon of possibility for individuals, teams and organizations. She is a certified FEBI coach/consultant, and a certified InterPlay leader.

Rhonda works with brain-body-behavior linkages that make change easy and engaging. With the capacity to improvise in the moment, to face obstacles with curiosity and fearlessness, and to create just the right exercise to achieve a desired result, Rhonda is adept at helping individuals find a path through their most complex issues to change the trajectory of their lives. She believes change doesn’t have to be hard or scary—often her clients have fun, feel exhilarated, and leave lighter than they could have imagined.

Why “Savannah Consulting?” Because a savannah is expansive, with a 360-degree horizon of possibility. It buzzes with countless organisms symbiotically creating a balanced ecosystem. It conjures up adventure and journeys. And it is never-changing and ever-changing, just like us.

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Rhonda Morton, transformation strategist with Savannah Consulting, starts with your strengths, expands what’s possible, and inspires you to transform.

For INDIVIDUALS who are...

On fire with an idea but need the confidence, drive, and structure to make it happen.

Not sure of your purpose and/or how to manifest it in your life.

Feeling stuck around particular issues or changes you want to make.

At risk of burn-out or a paralyzing sense of overwhelm.

Committed to making the world a better place, beginning with yourself. 

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For LEADERS who want to:

Compassionately, creatively and courageously lead from the heart, head and gut.

Establish a strong sense of purpose, thrive through change, and achieve challenging objectives.

Create or fundamentally reinforce trust and communications among the people you lead.

Understand and leverage team members’ strengths in order to work better together.

Help your group thrive again after a reorg.

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