Develop a Super Power in 21 Days

Want to leap tall buildings, see through walls, or stop speeding bullets with your bare hands? Sorry, I can’t help.

But what if you could resolve a sticky issue at work, change a persistent unhealthy habit, or stop having the same old fight with your loved one? Well, you can develop any of those Super Powers in 21 days…for free, in about ten minutes a day, no tights or cape required.

Step One
Identify the problem. Whine about it a little. Bitch, moan, complain—the works. Feel like a powerless victim. State the problem as a complaint.

Step Two
Use your X-ray vision to see through the complaint to the core belief that’s underneath it. Remember, these core beliefs are often irrational. You can KNOW they aren’t true, but still FEEL like they might be. Or sometimes, they will feel so real that you lose sight of the fact that they are BELIEFS. At that point, the core belief just feels like “The Way It Is.”

Step Three
Realize that your core belief probably took shape at a very early age; that it served you then, but that it’s getting in the way now. It’s causing a problem at work, an unhealthy habit, or a broken-record argument at home. Decide it’s time to change it.

Step Four
No, really. You can’t just nod along through Step Three. You really do have to decide it’s time to change. Are you ready? You don’t need a cape. But you do need a commitment.

Step Five
Okay, take your old core belief and flip it around to a new core belief that is short, positive, and in the present tense. It has to be a statement you actually know is logically/rationally true.

Core Belief Chart 

Core Belief Do and Don't

Step Six
Practice belly breathing. Lie on your back. Put one hand on your chest, and one hand over your belly button. Exhale completely until your belly is concave. Now, take a slow, deep breath…as you inhale, imagine you are inflating a basketball under your belly button. The hand on your belly will rise. The hand on your chest should not move, except for a tiny amount at the end of the inhale. Now exhale, and let all the air out of the basketball. Your belly will deflate, the hand on your belly will fall. Inhale smoothly over the course of six seconds. Exhale effortlessly over the course of six seconds. Six seconds in, six seconds out. Do this for at least a full minute, or until you feel deeply relaxed, whichever comes first. (Download a lovely five-minute recording that dings every six seconds from the mBraining people.)

Step Seven
Drop your hands to your sides while you continue belly breathing. Now, with each breath, say your new core belief inside yourself. Use your ten fingers to keep track for ten breaths. Do that before you get out of bed in the morning, as you are falling asleep at night, and at least one other time during the day…for 21 days. By the end of those three weeks, you will have the power to solve your sticky issue, change your bad habit, or create more harmony at home.

Why It Works
Your old core belief is almost always tied to the fear response, which includes shallow/chest breathing, or holding your breath. By thinking your old core belief over and over, you have created a strong neural pathway, and it’s tied it to your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). So any little fear that triggers that core belief, will slide lickety-split along that well-worn neural pathway, boosted by your fight or flight response.

By repeating your new core belief while belly breathing, you are creating a new neural pathway tied to your parasympathetic nervous system (tend and befriend). If you do this for 21 days, the new neural pathway will be like a Super Power you can use the next time you are confronted with the sticky issue at work, the temptation to repeat your unhealthy habit, or the slippery slope of the same old fight with your loved one.

When confronted with those old problems, you simply belly breathe, remind yourself of what’s really true (the new core belief), and suddenly you will be leaping the tall building that WAS your old core belief. Over time, the old neural pathway associated with the old core belief will weaken and eventually dissolve entirely.

Need Assistance?
Every Batman needs an Alfred—the person back in the Bat Cave tinkering with the Bat Mobile while our hero is out saving the world. Contact me if you need some help identifying the problem, seeing the old core belief, or coming up with the new one. It will be the most life-transforming thing you’ll ever learn.

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