Savannah Consulting’s founder, Rhonda Morton, uses the Focus Energy Balance Indicator™ (FEBI) to measure individual and team access to the workstyle patterns of the Driver, Organizer, Collaborator and Visionary…and to translate your assessment results into individual and team transformation.

The FEBI is a key that unlocks doors you thought were rusted shut. Unlike most workstyle and personality assessment tools, the FEBI presupposes that everyone already has access to all four styles. FEBI coaching and facilitating simply helps people learn to access underdeveloped parts of themselves, to respond to the needs in this moment, with these people in this situation.

The Driver, Organizer, Collaborator and Visionary energy patterns originate in the nervous system, but show up at every level inside and out: physically, emotionally, mentally,behaviorally, and in relationships, teams and organizations. They are a profound guide to achieving the focus and balance needed for outstanding performance.The FEBI, developed and trademarked by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw and Mark Kiefaber of Focus Leadership, has been used around the world with clients as diverse as Avon and NASA.

When you take the on-line assessment, you receive a 20-page personalized report. Then Rhonda coaches you to use the assessment to understand yourself and profoundly shift your interactions with others.

You sprint, pant, sprint again.  Day in, day out.  Until something snaps, and you just can't.  So you decide to hike in the woods. Go sailing.  Dance the cha-cha.  Swim.  You even sprint again, sometimes.
Balanced, strong,
and flexible.