Launchpad Testimonials

  • "The Greatest Gift of My Professional Career" - Mary Mosteller

    “Looking to ignite organizational passion in your employees? Look no further than the Women Leaders Launchpad led by Rhonda Morton, whose inspirational prowess will empower your emerging leaders to transform as individuals, resulting in more efficient, driven, productive employees. Rhonda's engaging persona makes her the guru of perspective transformation. For me, Launchpad has been the greatest gift of my professional career. Working with Rhonda and other empowering women in the community has transformed my life, both professionally and personally. Rhonda helped me believe in myself, my abilities, and my potential, giving me the tools to make lasting change.”

    Mary Mosteller, Director of Development

  • "I Feel Empowered From Within." - Lisa Caracci

    "I participated in the Women Leaders Launchpad and was truly transformed. The techniques Rhonda taught us changed my leadership as well as my personal life. Her personalized approach to transformative leadership resulted in my ability to tackle tough situations with the exact skills I needed, no matter the situation. The FEBI leadership style analysis empowered me to manage staff in a style that suited them each, individually. I can evaluate others' leadership style on the fly and meet them right where they are in order to achieve common goals. I learned how to lean in when faced with controversy and manage it appropriately. I learned ways to effectively and efficiently interact with my peers for the betterment of each individual in the group. But, most importantly, I learned a great deal about myself, on a deeply personal level. The resulting increased self-awareness allowed me to make much-needed changes in my personal life. I feel empowered from within. I learned skills that will last a lifetime. I cannot speak highly enough of Rhonda and the gift she has. I can assure you, if you attend her workshops, you will leave transformed."

    Lisa Caracci, Executive Director
    Habitat for Humanity, Corning

  • "Encouraged Me to Look Deeper" - Sarah E. Blagg

    “I was so excited to take the Women’s Leaders Launchpad program with Rhonda! She’s intuitive and compassionate, and the Launchpad program is reflective of that. Learning about the different creative personality types (Visionary/Driver right here) was fascinating and I felt better able to communicate with people afterwards; people I’d had a hard time ‘figuring out’ before taking Launchpad. I think quickly about my body language and the messages it sends when I am educating young people or speaking in front of a group. The exercises I learned about re-configuring neuropathways to feel more positive or to slowly adjust prior ways of thinking are some that I continue to use almost two years later. I still keep in touch with a few of my “classmates” and it feels like we have a deeper, more supportive connection because we took Launchpad together. These are women I will always feel comfortable with and empowered by. Launchpad encouraged me to look deeper in to what energizes and fulfills me, both professionally and personally.”

    Sarah E. Blagg, Manager
    Card Carrying Books & Gifts

  • "I Gained More Confidence in Myself" - Jennifer Miller

    “I participated in the Women Leaders Launchpad leadership training for Elmira/Corning in 2015 and it was an amazing experience. The FEBI leadership style analysis taught me a lot about myself and the individuals I manage as well as interact with in my professional and personal lives. Rhonda challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, take more risks, and seek out additional leadership roles so that I would not waste my gifts. As a result of the training, I gained more confidence in myself. She is a phenomenal facilitator and coach but also a wonderful human being who truly cares about individuals reaching their leadership potential."

    Jennifer Miller, Director of Community Development
    City of Corning

  • "A Powerful Experience" - Katie McConville

    “I’ve spent more time with myself than anyone else on this planet has, so I figured I knew myself pretty well. All it took was forty minutes into my first one-on-one session with Rhonda to realize just how wrong I was. Rhonda urged me to confront my fears and helped me unlock my deep, subconscious thought. She helped expose these honest truths that lived within that I never had the words to describe or the tools to recognize. I learned how this thought had manifested into my physical habits and became a detriment to me socially, professionally, and personally. Bringing this to light, learning how to change it, and going through these stages with a group of like-minded women was a powerful experience that prompted me to make changes I needed at that time in my life.”

    Katie McConville, Scholarship and Youth Philanthropy Program Associate
    Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes

  • "I’m Better Positioned To Go After What I Want" - Kim Thompson

    “Short-term, Launchpad has made me a more confident, and happier person. I’m more collaborative, and I can read people better, which enables more effective communication. I’m able to stick up for what I believe is right, and am able to articulate why. I will use the influencing strategies we learned about throughout my career. Long-term, I’m better positioned to go after what I want than I was before Launchpad.”

    Kim Thompson, Media & Public Relations Manager
    The Corning Museum of Glass

  • "Helped Me Dive Into My Personal and Professional Goals" - Katie Foley

    "I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Rhonda in her Woman's Leaders Launchpad program. At the time, I had 10 years of leadership experience under my belt in the field of Fundraising and Development for a variety of not for profits. Rhonda helped me dive into my personal and professional goals, as well as look at some of my mental barriers as I worked to make some life changes. We flushed out my true desires and she gave me the tools and confidence to make decisions that truly benefited me--and in turn my community. I will forever be grateful for her positive, authentic energy and meeting me where I was while encouraging me to be more of what I knew I could be."

    Katie Foley
    Co-Owner of NYS-Award-Winning Silo Food Truck
    Manager at Gathering Hill Farm Vacation Rental
    Development & Public Relations Advisor
    Community Volunteer for Various Organizations

  • "I Have More Confidence and More Room To Grow" - Caitlin Hyde

    “Launchpad helped me clarify my sense of identity and catalyzed the next phase of my adventure. I was already good at my job, but now I have more confidence and more room to grow, with joy and respect for my skills and talents, passions and personal strengths. Also, the concept of differing work personalities has been incredibly useful to me in understanding and working with other people. All of this is beneficial to the organization I work within because the healthier and stronger I am personally, the more I have to offer professionally.”

    Caitlin Hyde, Properties of Glass Demonstration Team Leader
    Corning Museum of Glass

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