Savannah Consulting works with individuals who seek consciousness, creativity and presence...with business people committed to lasting, systemic transformation of their workplaces…with non-profit leaders who are making the world a better place, starting with themselves and their organizations…and with artists and entrepreneurs whose ideas simply must be born.

Many of our clients request anonymity, but here are a few testimonials to give you a flavor for the work we do:

"With a few simple questions and some discussion, Rhonda helped me identify core beliefs that were fundamental in keeping me “stress-captive.” Using Rhonda’s simple techniques, I developed a new neural pathway that quickly became part of my everyday routine. I’m better in tune with my reaction to stress and can employ Rhonda’s techniques at any given moment to step back, gain perspective, and redirect my focus. I am more in control, happier with myself, and more effective in what I do at home and at work."
Janet Wells
Director of Business Services
Food Bank of the Southern Tier

"I participated in the Women Leaders Launchpad leadership training in 2015 and was truly transformed. The techniques Rhonda taught us changed my leadership as well as my personal life. Her personalized approach to transformative leadership resulted in my ability to tackle tough situations with the exact skills I needed, no matter the situation. The FEBI leadership style analysis empowered me to manage staff in a style that suited them each, individually. I can evaluate others' leadership style on the fly and meet them right where they are in order to achieve common goals. I learned how to lean in when faced with controversy and manage it appropriately. I learned ways to effectively and efficiently interact with my peers for the betterment of each individual in the group. But, most importantly, I learned a great deal about myself, on a deeply personal level. The resulting increased self-awareness allowed me to make much-needed changes in my personal life. I feel empowered from within. I learned skills that will last a lifetime. I cannot speak highly enough of Rhonda and the gift she has. I can assure you, if you attend her workshops, you will leave transformed."
Lisa Caracci
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity, SESC

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Rhonda Morton as a coach through the Women Entrepreneurs Program at Rev Ithaca. She works with several effective methodologies that help uncover and conquer habits or mindsets that might be keeping you from reaching your full potential. She's a talented and insightful coach and I would highly recommend her services to other entrepreneurs or mission-driven companies."
Elisa Miller-Out
Singlebrook, Certified B Corp

"Rhonda’s method of coaching is unique and enables you to reveal your core beliefs, higher purpose, strengths and what might be holding you back from achieving your hidden aspirations. Her methods gave me a new 'world view' in working with others to achieve some surprising results. I’ve realized how to embrace chaos, and see it as positive and full of possibilities. By using my intuition, heightened awareness, and imagination of what is possible, I can guide and lead others to what wants to happen, and what needs to happen now. Really big and positive changes are not only possible, but they can be expected. Also, I’ve learned to have more ease with cutting against the grain of popular opinion, especially when it comes from a sense of purpose and integrity with a higher cause. I highly endorse Rhonda’s coaching for both individuals and teams to learn how to unlock your full potential."
George McLaren
Science & Technology

Corning Incorporated

"Rhonda is so much more than a coach. I thought that we’d be following a more ‘conventional' path, starting with the FEBI, toward helping me manage my business better. We went much deeper than that in very important ways to root out the challenges I was facing and put me on a better trajectory. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of her abilities, incorporating movement, voice and other modalities to break through barriers. I highly recommend working with Rhonda to discover the myriad ways that she can be helpful and transformative in your business and life."
Greg Pitts
Financial Advisor

Natural Investments, Certified B Corp

"I worked with Rhonda Morton in her capacity as the coach for the REV Ithaca Passenger to Pilot Program. She has the unusual ability to immediately hone in on what's at the core, whether it's something holding you back or that breakthrough that has been frustratingly hiding around a corner. She will surprise you and you may be surprised by yourself. I highly recommend Rhonda for anyone looking to traverse a big transition or take on a new venture with increased confidence and vision."
Megan Pugh
Creative Director
Think Topography

"I am a self-employed artist and have struggled with feeling overwhelmed and unsure about directing my career. When I went to see Rhonda I thought I needed another to-do list and mission statement. Rhonda helped me see that what I needed to do was spiral back to the center. I needed to decide for myself what kind of artist I want to me, not what kind of artist others expect me to be. I have realized that in order to be truly successful I need to be authentic to myself. Rhonda gave me tools and insights to help me along in this wonderful, exciting journey of developing and growing as an artist."
Bridget Bossart van Otterloo
Self-Employed Artist

“As a group, the leadership team of the Technology Community Women’s Network at Corning Incorporated has been working with Rhonda Morton for just short of a year. We are now a team that is able to accomplish many goals that in the past left us floundering. Most ‘team building’ activities pretty much just throw you into a room to play nice for a couple hours, with few, if any, lasting results. With Rhonda, the group benefited from the FEBI evaluation and from team-building workshops scheduled over the course of a few months. Rhonda even attended a few of our team meetings to drive home the changes we needed to make. We actually learned about each others’ strengths/weaknesses—and how to use that information to work better as a team.”
Barbara Paulsen
Technology Community Women’s Network

Corning Incorporated

“I participated in the Self Smarts program sponsored by the Technology Community Women's Network and facilitated by Rhonda Morton. As a result, my purpose in life is more clear to me, and making decisions in line with my purpose is easier. I see a lot more possibilities for my future and my career—possibilities that I was even hesitant to consider before. I wholeheartedly recommend Self Smarts for anyone looking for more self-confidence, more self-awareness, and more personal and professional effectiveness.”
Azita Eshraghi
Research Scientist and Member, Technology Community Women's Network
Corning Incorporated

“Rhonda has a unique way of taking you to the edge of your comfort zone and gently pushing you over it to learn, grow, and increase your confidence and skills. She helps you to see you already HAVE the skills and talent—you just need to bring them out and make them work for you. I am truly grateful Rhonda was able to make such a positive impact in such a short amount of time, and I look forward to continuing my journey.”
Michelle Wallen
Advanced Process and Materials Development
Corning Incorporated

“We hired Rhonda for our yearly non-profit team building retreat. We had a great morning and came out with a renewed commitment to each other as co-workers and to our business. Rhonda is the perfect mix of smart, understanding and funny. She gets how teams work (and don’t) and she looks for ways to help your team cement through your individual and shared strengths and develop strategies to help yourself and each other to work on areas that are not your strong points. I highly recommend Rhonda for team building.”
Elaine Farwell
Executive Director
Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum

"The Women Leaders Launchpad that Rhonda facilitated was an excellent (and fun) creative and emotional outlet. The sessions provided tools and insights that have helped me think holistically about my personal and professional needs. It taught me techniques to work more collaboratively and compassionately with others, to address and deal with stress in life, and to tap more confidently into my capabilities. It gave me new perspective as a person and as a professional."
Yvette Sterbenk
Senior Manager, Communications

Corning Museum of Glass